Doerssoft, as a responsible corporate citizen, knows its root value. Along with profit making, its other prime motive is to contribute to society. So, considering this, Doerssoft has become a helping hand for Code for Change.

DoersSoft X Code for Change

Doerssoft Pvt. Ltd. is a revenue-based project company specializing in the IT sector. We are especially working in the field of website design and software development. In addition to this, our services include web hosting, digital marketing and graphics designing and content writing. Doerssoft works in IT domain towards transforming the digital world. We are working towards achieving this vision through different IT products and services

“Code for Change” (as CFC) is a project initiated by “Youth in Social Change,” a non-profit organization, in collaboration with the students from various colleges around the country with an aim to bring the IT students and the industry professionals together.

CFC has proposed Doerssoft to become a long-term Tech Company partner to support the works of CFC in financial and placement terms.

Code for Change has been working to prepare skilled human resources needed for digital Nepal and to educate the common people about uses and misuses of technology. Along with this, Doerssoft is working with the vision to transform the digital world.

With the purpose of helping each other in accomplishing their similar vision, Doerssoft has done one of the biggest CSR agreements to contribute its 5% of annual profit to Code for Change.


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