Code for Change

Non-Profit Organization

CFC is an Open Platform for the Learners to learn and trainers to transfer their learning to learners. CFC is a group of Young people uniting all the IT students and professionals under the same roof for the technological revolutions.

Website of Code for Change

How we helped Code for Change through our Services

“Code for Change” is a project initiated by “Youth in Social Change,” a non-profit organization, in collaboration with the students from various colleges around the country with an aim to bring the IT students and industry professionals together. We believe that the students should be provided with relevant skills to prepare them for their careers. Realizing this fact, we have initiated “Code for Change” to provide a platform and opportunities for them. In the past two years, we have conducted nationwide hackathons, workshops, and training programs targeting IT students. Doerssoft developed the site for this organization and is assisting in maintaining the site continuously. The site was build using HTML/CSS, JS, Bootstrap, and Python (Django).