Innovation for a country


This is the era of innovation and development. With the advance of human civilization, we have been innovating many things. We human beings are always eager to do something new. Human beings have been innovating many new things for their comfort and ease. Innovation was the major thing in human civilization. Today’s world is the outcome of all the innovations that we did in the past.

Innovation simply means creating or building something new for the comfort and betterment of human civilization. Since the stone age, we human beings have been innovating many new thi0ngs for ourselves. For example, we innovate stone-made weapons for the reason of hunting because at that time hunting was our major priority. Similarly, with the advancement of human civilization, we have been creating many new things as per our needs. For example, when we felt cold we innovated the concept of cold. When we human beings felt the need of storing water we innovated bottles. Simply, the problem is the developer of the innovation. As per our history, we didn’t develop any things without facing the problem. Moreover, human laziness is also the main factor of innovation in human civilization. We human beings are lazy creatures who are extremely lazy and prefer to make things simple and easy. Due to this, we started searching and innovating things that will make our work extremely easy. For example, we developed a gas cylinder because we didn’t want to go to the forest to cut the forest and then burn the woods to cook our food,  we developed a computer because we wanted to solve many complex problems such as counting without effort. We human beings always look for easy solutions so that our work can be minimized. This nature of human beings led us to innovate many new things. Since the stone age, we human beings didn’t have enough strength like other animals who live in the forest so we human beings preferred using mental strength rather than physical strength. As a result, we human beings became the ruler of this planet. Moreover, we human being never get satisfied with the things that we have because we are curious things who love new things. We didn’t get satisfied with the simple computers so we are trying to create a machine that is as intelligent as we are because we are curious about what is our limitation and we always challenge ourselves with what we can do. The limitation human beings never learned to have stopped which led to innovation and development. If we were not curious and lazy then we would not have done anything.

Till date, we innovate many things. We have achieved so many things but also we have been thinking of innovating so many things that would help to decrease the lazy tasks and comfort us. Many countries such as the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China have been involved in innovation and research a lot because they know the importance of innovation and research. These countries know that the economy of the country can be better and uplifted with the help of innovation. As a result, they spend lots of their budget on known innovation and technology. The reason why most of the country supports innovation is that the innovation will develop[ new things which the country can trade and make themselves economically strong. In addition, the developed countries also know that development and innovation will uplift their countries’ names and reputations. Due to this also many countries invest in innovation. During the cold war, countries like the SOVIET union and the USA spent a lot of money and time proving to the whole world who is powerful. As we all know, the war was won by the United States of America because they were also the innoinnovatedvate many new things which made them economically strong. Due to this, now the  United States of America is the superpower rather than the SOVIET union which currently doesn’t exist.

In the context of Nepal, our country doesn’t spend much on its innovation and technology. The main reason for this can be unaware of the benefit that the country can achieve with the new innovation and technology.  The universities that are present in our country don't get enough funding from the country due to which many innovations don’t come out from the university. As we all know, many new innovations have been done in the university. Nepal is also facing the problem of manpower drainage because the young and creative minds of Nepal don’t have many opportunities in our country. There are extremely few things that have been developed in new Nepal because in Nepal no one is interested in innovating new things because of a lack of motivation. The solution to this problem should be that the government of Nepal should give more importance to innovation and development and provide universities with high funding to perform innovation and development.