How far did we reach in the development of Artificial Intelligence? Is Artificial Intelligence a super being right now?

The simple answer to this question is No. Still, today human beings are far better than any machines till built. The development of Artificial Intelligence is in its initial face and to date, we human beings haven’t achieved any things in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We have achieved a few things in the field of Artificial Intelligence but it’s nothing.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is to create a machine that has the capacity to think, learn and perform critical things itself without any involvement of the human brain. Human beings are trying to develop such a complex machine that can think, learn, analyze, solve problems without any guidance of the human brain. But why are computer experts or scientists working to develop such machines that can have the same ability as human beings? Many experts in the field of computer science are researching and trying to develop such as a complex machine to enhance the performance of human beings, better the analyses of the problem, improve in healthcare, and increase the living standard of the people, and many more. But, going deeply why is it important for us to develop and create Artificial Intelligence?

The reason many scientists are trying to build Artificial Intelligence is to reduce human effort in repetitive tasks and perform the task more accurately, faster, and in a high volume so that the outcome of the task can be more improved. Similarly, another reason can be Artificial Intelligence adds intelligence in a machine such as automation, interactive interfaces, bots, and advanced robotics with the help of massive volumes of data which can contribute to the advancement of a human being. In addition, Artificial Intelligence will help to reduce human effort and learn things using its own intelligence so that manpower can be utilized for productive tasks. But how does Artificial Intelligence work?

The easy answer to this question is data. Artificial intelligence works by connecting huge numbers of data set with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithm that allows the man-made software to think and learn automatically from various patterns.  Artificial Intelligence uses various new technology such as Machine learning, Neural Networks, Deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, Graphics Processing units, Advance algorithms, and many advanced computer technologies which are still in development. Nowadays, technology has been so advancing that it can just defeat the world chess campaign using its own intelligence, drive the car itself without any human interaction, perform basic surgery using its own intelligence, understand human language, and acts accordingly. But now the question arises has artificial intelligence become a super being?

In this era, the computer has become more intelligent than the previous generation of computers. But it’s nothing to the things that we can achieve in the field of computer science in the future.  The things we hear are just a starting and today’s artificial is in its weak stage and requires human intelligence to perform its intelligence.  But, in some years, Artificial Intelligence will be so capable that it will be able to think and analyze like we human beings. If anyone wants to know how a computer will think in its peak stage, then think about how we human beings think nowadays. The computer will act the same way as we are doing. We learn ourselves, execute ourselves, make us better every day similarly computers will also think by themselves, execute the things by themselves, make themselves better every day. But it won’t happen after a year. This kind of development in the field of technology will take plenty of years. But when will it be possible? The answer to this question is known to no one. As a writer what do I think?

I think that technology has been developed a lot. Many new things have been known to human civilization. But I think human civilization hasn’t achieved anything in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We human being are in the initial face of the development of artificial technology and the technology that we have developed are weak and requires the human brain to function properly. In the future, I believe the computer will be more intelligent like human beings and computer intelligence will help human civilization in the field of health care, finance, sports, education, exploration, and many more. In the future, Artificial Intelligence will have its own intelligence that won’t require any human assistance while performing any complex tasks. Unfortunately, to happen this many advancements will require many years. We mightn’t exist to see all the advancement and success of Artificial Intelligence. I believe we will be the developer of the new generation of technology, but we won’t be the user of that technology while it will be at its highest peak of advancement. Sometimes, I think what’s after Artificial Intelligence?